Real Time Visitor Monitoring

Monitor your Real-time Website Traffic. You can invite your site visitors to communicate with you live!

Fast and Easy Navigation

For AwebDesk online chat program takes no more than 30 minutes to integrate with your computer network and your website. Since the downloading or the installation of chat software is just a one touch process, you can be up and running in no time.

Block IP Address

If there is a specific IP address to which you choose not to provide interactive live chat service, AwebDesk website chat software can help you do so. Simply enter the IP address in the appropriate box in the AwebDesk Live Help Software-Control Panel. AwebDesk Live Support Software has the functionality that disallows to display chat icon on your website when it is accessed from that IP address. When you wish to impose some restrictions on who can chat on your website this unique feature can come in handy.

Advanced Visitor Info System

The Visitor Info System (VIS) built into AwebDesk online chat program is your pass to know customer behavior. It provides accurate and more reliable real-time data on your site visitors:

  • List of source search engine or sites through which visitors are directed to your website.
  • Know number of visitors that visits your website at any instance.
  • For how long your site visitors visit your website.
  • The operating system and web browser your site visitors use.
  • Your site visitor’s city, geographical region, country of origin.
  • Local time in your site visitor’s country and the time zone.
  • Which web pages your site visitors view on your website.
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