Admin Panel Overview

Know all possibilities you will have with this live help tool. See how you can manage chats, operators and chat sessions.

Impressive Dashboard

Yes, with our new live chat system you can track all aspects through dashboard directly. View overall visitors footprints, chat requests, chats accepted/declined report, offline emails and more. You will have interactive graphical view of reports on dashboard itself so makes you to analyze everything very quickly.

Create Departments

Under this you can create departments and assign operators to specific department (eg.sales or support). An operator can be assigned to multiple departments. For each department you can set specific email address, chat greetings, create offline message, canned responses. You can also choose language for any particular department.

Monitor Operators

Track live chat operators activity and what is going on. Just select the operator and click on details you want to know whether its operator rating, chat history and responses delivered to visitors. Any time you can edit or create new operator through admin panel, assign department and view their online activity and set permissions for particular operator.

Survey Data through Live Chat System

Using AwebDesk Live Chat surveys is great way to the acquire case-sensitive information of your customers. So you may give them option to fill the survey form at the beginning to each chat. This may use to get easily their contact information and inquire their needs or can ask in which department they would like to contact. So this information can prove to be invaluable for all your operators and possible marketing campaigns.

Spam Filtering

Spam IPs will always see an OFFLINE status icon and will not be able to reach an operator, even if an operator is online. Operators can specify a spam IP during a chat session or you can provide an IP address here.

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