Introducing the world's only SAAS platform

To run your own fully automated live chat business just like the big guys. The same system which we use to run our own fully automated hosted live chat business.

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How it works?

Here is a fantastic small business idea for your next venture. Run your own SAAS Business with least investments and huge ROI. You can actually recover the cost for this in mere 2 months plus you enjoy a recurring income which is awesome. So lets see how it works.

Customer comes to site for plan selection

Customers can chose their own plans. You can even provide them forever free plans or free trials as well.

Customer logins to get chat codes

Monitor unlimited websites with one installation or hosted plan . Learn the ins and outs of visitors browsing behavior in real time.

Instant activation on signup

Once the customer signups, a subdomain and an ALS instance automatically gets created. The perfect automation right :)

Operator logins to Operator panel for support

Now that everything is set, operator can login to operator panel and provide live support to his customers. Its as easy in four steps for your customers to start with your hosted Live chat software.

Quick Features Overview

Starting your fully automated livechat business was never so easy before

Automatic accounts activation & suspension

We have focused a lot in complete automation to make your live chat business easier. Customers account automatically gets suspended on non-payments and they can resubscribe with just a button click. Subscription billing with Paypal is also supported.

So, what are you waiting  for? Start your fully automated online business today!

Your favourite gateways integrated

ALS SAAS enterprise comes with more than 30 payments gateways including Paypal, 2checkout and others. More over, you can also integrate with your local gateways in your country with the open source sample codes provided for integration.

You also have freedom to integrate with any other billing system like WHMCS or others using our apis.

Full featured Accounts Api

With v9 , we have introduced Full featured api for accounts creations. So you can now virtually use our platform with any billing system of your own or any commercial billing system. We also have ready made WHMCS addon available for purchase. Currently the api supports new account creation and logging in to system.

Optimised  & Highly scalable system

ALS SAAS is a truly enterprise SAAS app which implements industry best practices. Infact the same system which bigger companies like Olark, Zopim or Livechatinc are doing. With version 9, Now all customers have a single file system , so its easy to maintain and update product codes and features. At the same time , each customer has a separate database instance, which means the system is not going to under perform when you have millions of hits on your customers site. Infact, we now also support Amazon ec2 and Amazon RDS instances, to give you more performance and scalability. You also have option to setup RDS or high performance database per customer basis so that your high priority customers get what they actually deserve.

hand  What does per operator pricing mean? : Per operator pricing does not mean you can only have that many operators. It means that your customers can create maximium that many operators. So for example, if you buy 5 operators, your customers can buy upto 5 operators from you like 1 operator, 2 operators or max 5 operators. You can have unlimited customers with any edition.


Order Now for as low as $100/mo only!Earn recurring revenues lifetime with minimal cost & maintainance

hand  NOTE: All Pricing plans include unlimited customers. However , you can sell a maximum of this many operators(whatever you choose in pricing) to your customers. In other words, Your customers can buy upto this many operators from you during their purchase.

Server Requirements

Any server with cPanel/WHM installed - PHP 5.3 or higher, MYSQL, Latest ioncube loaders


Any linux OS(LAMP/LEMP) stack or Amazon ec2(LAMP/LEMP) or DigitalOcean Server stack or any other server which has wildcard domain dns  feature and has ability to create mysql databases via PHP codes (may be with root or without root acess) - PHP 5.3 or higher, MYSQL, Latest ioncube loaders

  • If you need other payment methods, please contact us. Credit cards, Indian Internet banking, Payza or Western Union are available on request.

hand  Important: Starting a live chat business is an awarded Small Business Ideas which can make huge even if you only focus on your own region. Do this before anyone else does in your state/region.

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