Industry Solutions

Whatever your business or organization, large or small, AwebDesk Live Chat Software online solutions have been developed in order to have productive interaction with your web visitors, and achieve and exceed your objectives. Your main goal is to maximize average order, provide excellent services, share information with your constituents, decrease your costs — or to get a combined results and more — we are always ready to help.

Find out more about AwebDesk Live Support Software solutions designed to produce advantages like the following for your industry:

  • Online Retail

    Increase website conversion rates, order values and customer satisfaction

  • Financial Services

    Build revenue by improving the online experience

  • High Technology

    Boost online production of qualified leads, reduce service costs and increase agent productivity

  • Charities and Not-for-Profits

    Achieve organizational goals, share knowledge and deliver key services

  • Travel

    Encourage online bookings and client loyalty

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  • Government

    Encourage online bookings and client loyalty

  • Higher Education

    Streamline recruiting efforts, and improve student and alumni services

  • Telco/Cable/Internet

    Raise conversion rates, maximize onboard new customers, cross-sell and up-sell, and foster long-term

  • Marketing Consulting

    Innovate and maximize online marketing campaigns

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