What’s new in Livechat Software SAAS version 9


We are pleased to release the latest version of Livechat Software ALS SAAS:

This version includes following notable changes. I will write descriptive blog on features shortly.

What’s NEW

Redesigned Billing Panel interface and responsive signups.
Single file system for all customers – Easy to manage codes and do upgrades.
Separate db for each customer-Scale as much as you want. We also support Amzon RDS :)
Support for wildcard SSL.
Wildcard subdomain , so now no more multiple subdomain accounts.
SuperAdmin password – Login to any customer’s admin panel with one super password set in config file
NEW APIS for account creations.
Framework for addons for integrations so that you could build own addons/plugins of third party apps.
Framework for MOBILE APPS in future(Currently we have built the framework not mobile app yet).
Support for Amazon ec2, Digital Ocean and Linux servers
WHMCS Addon for ALS SAAS for Billing integration. Now sell livechat with your existing or new install of WHMCS easily.
And several other bug fixes.


This is complete  rebuild so it will not support older versions of ALS SAAS.
(If you want to sync with older versions of ALS SAAS, the charges would be $199 for each 25 users syncronisations as we will need to manual changes).

ALS SAAS v9 has new pricing and it needs to be purchased separately.
If you want you may continue older version 8, but we will not support much features in older version and ofcourse you will get help & support for your support terms.

Unlike older version where we had separate file systems for each accounts, We have made large changes to v9 so that there is only one file system for each accounts. This will give you freedom to update and add features in ALS SAAS more easily. And this is the same technology what any SAAS giant company apply.

ALS SAAS v9 is our best effors and its scalable than earlier. With Amazon ec2 and RDS support, you can free up your mind for scalability totally.

How to Upgrade to v9:
Existing customers:
We have also introduced New order panel for v9.
So you will need to register with your details during signup.
If you are our existing Livechat SAAS customer , pl contact our support as we are having huge early bird discounts for early bird customers.

New customers:
You can order your copy of ALS SAAS from here.

With version 9, we have also introduced Monthly Edition. So you can get started with monthly plans for as low as $75/mo.
We also have yearly and lifetime pricing as well.


Minimum Server Requirements:

Any server with cPanel/WHM installed


Any linux OS(LAMP/LEMP) stack or Amazon ec2(LAMP/LEMP) or DigitalOcean Server stack or any other server which has wildcard domain dns  feature and has ability to create mysql databases via PHP codes (may be with root or without root acess)


Php 5.3 or higher, MYSQL 4 or higher, Latest version of Ioncube Loaders.

Wildcard subdomain enabled.

Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas and I will be more than happy to reply here.